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Animal Crossing Claiming! >> Layout Kiki =^_^=

Paws!! :3

Animal Crossing Claiming
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This community is all about Animal Crossing, my favorite game. ^_^ This community is so simple, and... fun. ;) Read the rules and claims list before joining, please. :]


1. To join this community, you must pick a character from the Animal Crossing crew. Even Wisp the ghost! If you are having trouble picking characters, see them all here.

2. You don't have to own the game... but I still suggest you buy it. Still, claim a character game or no.

3. Always check the claims list. If the character you want to claim is not already claimed, go ahead and claim.

4. To claim, post a entry saying the character you want to claim. It's that easy! :)

5. You can only claim up to three characters!

6. Happy claiming!